[Top 10] Best Gwent Decks That Wreck Hard! (2023)

Join the fray, these decks will get you crushing foes in no time. Take a seat at the table, it’s your time. And this guide shall cut through the confusion for you, ending the wild hunt for answers.

10.Lockdown (Nilfgaard)

[Top 10] Best Gwent Decks That Wreck Hard! (1)

Much like a game of chess each player must read into potential plays.

A hand away from victory,Nilfgaardis made for toxicity so this deck will show you just that. Swiftly disable the leader abilities of the opponent, poison never felt like such a gift. Good for getting rank at lower levels, whatever meta may bring you are set regardless of changes with thisbeauty.

  • Can cause mayhem for opponents, meaning your strategy will get you an easy win if played well.
  • Able to save the best for last by using this deck in competitions, which in short terms you get a deterrent.
  • This deck will save you time in lower ranks, which in terms saves you from many pitfalls in the trenches.


  • Collar
  • Masquerade Ball
  • Vincent VanMoorlehem
  • Maraal
  • Joachim deWett
  • Jennefer’sInvocation
  • MattaHu’uri
  • Ffion varGaernel
  • Assievar Anahid
  • VanMoorlehem’sCupbearer
  • Roderick of DunTynne
  • ArdFeainnTortoise x2
  • RotTosserx2
  • Bomb Heaver
  • Thirsty Dame x2
  • Tourney Joust
  • DeithwenArbalest
  • Fangs of the Empire x2
  • Magne Division x2
  • VanMoorlehamHunter x2


[Top 10] Best Gwent Decks That Wreck Hard! (2)


Domination comes in many forms and Monsters, shall have it at all costs.

Full of potential and easy cheesy wins,kikimoreis the main event beefing your army. Death’s shadow looms, you’ll easily swarm the field with your edible underlings. This deck can get you far with its ability to run the field and numbers up in a pinch.

  • You’ll have cards that have a death wish, making it easy to lose cards and gain advantages at the same time.
  • Playing big units early can win you first round and last round, saving you from stressing both rounds.
  • Truly Thrive with your units, sit back and relax as your units reach unbelievable strength round after round.
  • Its combo is quite reliable, meaning it can spare you overthinking each round.


  • Magic Lamp
  • Haunt
  • KikimoreQueen
  • Royal Decree
  • Yghern
  • Dettlaff: Higher Vampire
  • MattaHu’uri
  • Ozzrel
  • Kayran
  • CaranthirAr-Feiniel
  • PugoBoom-Breaker
  • The Beast
  • Penitent
  • Barghestx2
  • Harpy Egg
  • EndregaLarva x2
  • ArachasNest
  • Noonwraith
  • EndregaEggs x2
  • EndregaWarrior x2
  • Fogletx2

8.Vampire (Monster)

[Top 10] Best Gwent Decks That Wreck Hard! (3)

Blood fills the air and these units hunger for it.

Bleed opponents dry, this deck has the ability to answer most opponents. Quite popular, for good reason, it can push and abuse your victims. And the scent of blood is in the air, able to turn the battlefield into a bloodbath with heavy hitting cards and many strong units.

  • Thrive and Bleed are your friend in this deck, numbers count and you’ll more than likely get them with this deck.
  • Able to have counter measures, even againstNilfgaard.
  • Utility goes a long way with this deck.


  • Magic Lamp
  • Living Armor
  • Royal Decree
  • Yghern
  • Regis: Bloodlust
  • Katakan
  • MattaHu’uri
  • Orianna
  • Ozzrel
  • CaranthirAr-Feiniel
  • Queen of the Night
  • The Beast
  • Parasite
  • Bomb Heaver
  • Mantletx2
  • Nekuratx2
  • EndregaLarva x2
  • Natural Selection x2
  • Plumardx2
  • Bruxax2

7.Midrange (Skellige)

[Top 10] Best Gwent Decks That Wreck Hard! (4)

These salty dogs know how to conquer the field.

This deck can turn the tide of battle, with such synergy these units will position you for victory. And with versatility to match it has quite a bit of mitigation against pushy opponents. But its key is in knowing the units timing, which pays off once you truly nail it.

(Video) THE BEST GWENT DECK RIGHT NOW!! How To Get To Pro Rank FAST | META guide video

  • You’ll have quite a good amount of push even against low ranked push decks.
  • Claiming the seas and rounds for yourself is simple and engaging in with these savage units.
  • Well-rounded and can rival many opponents.


  • Tactical Advantage
  • Hemdall
  • Wild Boar of the Sea
  • Royal Decree
  • SvalblodTotem
  • Morkvarg: Heart of Terror
  • Crowmother
  • Hammond
  • Ermion
  • Raiding Fleet
  • Gremist
  • GigascorpionDecoction
  • Freya’s Blessing
  • AnCraiteGreatsword
  • Stribog Runestone
  • DimunLightLongshipx2
  • AnCraiteLongship
  • Golden Froth
  • Gutting Slash
  • Stunning Blow x2
  • Savage Bear x2
  • Wagon
  • AnCraiteArmorsmith

6.Midrange (Northern Realms)

[Top 10] Best Gwent Decks That Wreck Hard! (5)

Take damage and deal it, strike true!

A powerful uprising deck, a top-heavy unit build with an emphasis on a golden hand. Low end units first round, will bait your opponent to show you what they will attempt during combat. But pushing in is possible to seek if your opponent is willing to play the long game, tactical is best.

  • Possible to outnumber your opponent, points will rely on knowing your units.
  • And many of your lower units can be quite capable of pushing around your opponent.
  • Leader ability is quite useful in the end round.


  • Magic Lamp
  • Radeyth
  • Philippa: Blind Fury
  • Falibor
  • Royal Decree
  • Bloody Baron
  • PrinceAnséis
  • ReynardOdo
  • Keira Metz
  • Vissegerd
  • Anna Strenger
  • Forbidden Magic
  • Boiling Oil
  • Carroballista
  • Bomb Heaver
  • Siege Tower
  • Pellar
  • AedirnianMauler
  • TridamInfantry
  • CintrianEnchantress
  • Ballista
  • KaedweniSergeant
  • LyrianScytheman
  • Temple Guard
  • Radovid’sRoyal Guards
  • CintrianKnight

5.Draug(Northern Realms)

[Top 10] Best Gwent Decks That Wreck Hard! (6)

The Northern Realms has quite the armata and dependable force at its command.

Yet another uprising deck, fairly well balanced against more popular armies. Be more than a challenging force against a good amount of enemy factions. Northern Realms is a more competitive assortment against other factions climbing ranks.

  • Balanced enough to give opponents challenge as well as getting well matched even against the best decks.
  • And considerable when making a Northern Realms deck to use, due to its consistency.
  • As far as weaknesses go this one can be very durable, meaning it can go the distance and rumored to be worthy of higher caliber.


  • Magic Lamp
  • Draug
  • Philippa: Blind Fury
  • Falibor
  • QueenAdalia
  • Royal Decree
  • Bloody Baron
  • PrinceAnséis
  • Vissegerd
  • Voymir
  • Reinforcements
  • Caravan Vanguard x2
  • Pellar
  • Bomb Heaver
  • AedirnianMauler x2
  • CintrianEnchantress x2
  • Ballista x2
  • Temple Guard x2
  • Radovid’sRoyal Guards x2
  • LyrianScytheman


[Top 10] Best Gwent Decks That Wreck Hard! (7)

One boat rides in drenching and wounding enemies near and far.

(Video) The Witcher 3 Gwent Build How To Win Every Gwent Match!

The mightiest tides will crush your opponents with this arsenal, known as thegreatswords. AndSkelligesstrongest deck, able to win against many foes. A round three certain victory against those who are unprepared.

  • Easy third round turnabouts, meaning your numbers will come to you with your long game push power.
  • And quite fun to utilize against the current meta, since it has more staying power.
  • These salty dogs are quite spicy due to the sheer impact of these units in your hand.


  • Tactical Advantage
  • Wild Boar of Sea
  • Royal Decree
  • Morkvarg: Heart of Terror
  • DagurTwo Blades
  • Avallac’h
  • Covenant of Steel
  • Hammond
  • SkelligeStorm
  • Raiding Fleet
  • Gremist
  • GigascorpionDecoction
  • Freya’s Blessing
  • AnCraiteGreatswordx2
  • DimunLightLongshipx2
  • AnCraiteLongshipx2
  • DimunCorsair x2
  • Stunning Blow x2
  • Savage Bear x2
  • Wagon

3.Hybrid (Scoia’Tael)

[Top 10] Best Gwent Decks That Wreck Hard! (8)

Such beautiful harmony lies within these units.

The first of this faction, a formidable one at that with full bully potential. Quite valuable in its poisons and value in its units, which grants it quite the rhythm. Easy wins and capable of shutting down opponents.

  • Stacking units is fully valuable for this deck’s win conditions, meaning the more units on the field the better.
  • And that grants burst from your units powering each other up, making you the controller of the battle.
  • But with all that burst that includes snatching victory from stronger enemy units on the field when need be.


  • Magic Lamp
  • The Great Oak
  • Vernossiel
  • Call of the Forest
  • NovigradianJustice
  • BarnabasBeckenbauer
  • Maraal
  • Ele’yas
  • Aelirenn
  • Weeping Willow
  • Yaevinn
  • Half-Elf Hunter x2
  • Forest Whisperer x2
  • Dryad Ranger x2
  • Trained Hawk
  • Mahakam Marauder x2
  • Miner x2
  • DolBlathannaBowman x2
  • DwarvenSkirmisher x2

2.Jackpot (Syndicate)

[Top 10] Best Gwent Decks That Wreck Hard! (9)

Coin runs these streets, most importantly, the back alleys.

Strong one, you’ll get paid and have room to deal with your opponents as you see fit. And you’ll have the opportunities to strike fast or drag it out, meaning you can choose how fast or slowly you deal with your opponent. Also, card advantage meaning your hand could have more cards to truly be several steps ahead of your opponents.

  • Abuse coin flips, meaning you get to have an advantage on the way things are paced in the match up.
  • Andregardless of who goes first, when it comes to strategy, you can gain the upper hand.
  • Also meaning regardless of round to push you’ll have many ways to deal with your adversary's actions, less stress.
  • Jackpot works well since it has ability to keep your treasured allies healthy and paid in full.


  • Tiger’s Eye
  • Passiflora
  • Tinboy
  • Maraal
  • PhillippaEilhart
  • Vivaldi Bank
  • AzarJaved
  • The FlyingRedanian
  • Adriano the Mink
  • EwaldBorsodi
  • AdalbertusKalkstein
  • Saul deNavarette
  • Pickpocket
  • Bomb Heaver
  • Sly Seductress x2
  • Mutated Hounds x2
  • Fisstechx2
  • Sea Jackal x2
  • FisstechTrafficker x2
  • Street Urchins x2

1.Harmony (Scoia’Tael)

[Top 10] Best Gwent Decks That Wreck Hard! (10)

(Video) Gwent 575 (554 single round) -- Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

The forest is faithful to those that are its protectors.

One of the easier and more favored deck, which makes it simple to pick up to immediately play. But it is a defined way to use it in combat, meaning you could learn it and win it all. Quite valuable and definitely a top choice, when it comes to its track record through each update.

  • Definitely a viable deck, worthy of the build.
  • Strong and easier deck, meaning it saves you time and learning curb as a champion of Gwent.
  • With this deck you’ll know it’s valuable and consistently out do your adversary, reliably.


  • Tactical Advantage
  • The Great Oak
  • Water ofBrokilon
  • Call of the Forest
  • BarnabasBeckenbauer
  • FiggisMerluzzo
  • PavkoGale
  • Toruviel
  • Fauve
  • TreantBoar
  • Weeping Willow
  • Malena
  • Hawker Smuggler
  • Forest Whisperer x2
  • Dryad Ranger x2
  • Trained Hawk x2
  • Mahakam Marauder x2
  • Miner x2
  • DolBlathannaBowman x2
  • DwarvenSkirmisher

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What is the strongest Gwent deck? ›

The best Gwent deck The Witcher 3offers for Muster effects is the Monsters deck. The Monsters deck contains no Medic or Spy cards, but boy does it have spades of Muster cards.

What is the meta in Gwent? ›

What is a Meta Snapshot? A Meta Snapshot provides an overview of the most competitive decks played in Collectible Card Game. The decks are sorted into tiers to loosely describe the power level of each deck in the current meta landscape.

Who is the most difficult Gwent opponent? ›

Sasha. She plays in the tournament (High Stakes quest), her deck of choice is a spy-heavy Nilfgaardian deck, with unique cards, medic, and decoy, that deck is a powerhouse. She is one of the hardest opponents located in the game, so if you attempt to win the tournament, come prepared.

Does the AI cheat at Gwent? ›

the AI does cheat, it always cheats. It does so because while you have to draw random cards, the AI will ALWAYS draw EXACTLY the cards it wants to use. YOU will never be able to garuntee a particularly strategy, the AI will ALWAYS use the strategy it wants for that particular character.

What is the strongest deck in TCG? ›

Giratina VSTAR

Giratina VSTAR's release is probably the single biggest deck archetype to come out of Pokemon TCG since the days of Mew VMAX. And it will have that kind of impact. Because it has no weakness, it will be hard to tech against, with only cards like Empoleon's basic Pokemon ability canceling coming to mind.

Will Gwent shut down? ›

CD Projekt RED is sunsetting two games in 2023. Gwent, one of the best card games on Android, is receiving its last content update next year, and The Witcher: Monster Slayer, a substantially less popular AR game, will be shut down in June.

Who is the best Gwent player? ›

Top Player Rankings For Gwent
Player IDPlayer Name
1.KolemoenBenjamin Pfannstiel
2.FreddybabesFred Bird
3.TailBotDamian Kaźmierczak
4.magpie131Serghei Sorochin
77 more rows
Mar 25, 2017

Which Gwent cards are missable? ›

Main Quest Missable Items
  • Crystal Skull – White Orchard, Lilac and Gooseberries. ...
  • Rose of Remembrance – Novigrad, Pyres of Novigrad. ...
  • Triss' Earing – Kaer Morhen, Ugly Baby. ...
  • Magic Acorn – Velen, Bald Mountain. ...
  • Doppler Mutagen – Novigrad, An Elusive Thief.
Jan 14, 2023

Can you lose Pro Rank Gwent? ›

Each rank consists of 5 mosaic pieces, the mosaic pieces are filled in for winning matches. For ranks 25 and higher losing matches will result in losing (breaking) mosaic pieces, however it is not possible to de-rank during an ongoing season.

Where are the strongest Gwent cards? ›

There are three ways to acquire Gwent cards, in addition to those granted to you at the start of the game: purchase them from vendors, win them during quests, and win them during random matches.

What is deathblow Gwent? ›

Deathblow is the ability caused by destroying a unit, not destroying a unit itself.

What is the best faction in Gwent? ›

Best factions of 2022
  1. Nilfgaard (233, 51, 6)
  2. Syndicate (216, 52, 9) ...
  3. Scoia'tael (172, 52, 4) ...
  4. Skellige (168, 43, 5) ...
  5. Northern Realms (113, 43, 6) ...
  6. Monsters (63, 11, 0) Monsters were underwhelming this year, with only 4 times reaching tier2 in the meta, and never being able to become a tier1 deck. ...
Dec 8, 2022

What should I spend my Gwent keys on? ›

They are the currency to buy kegs in the store. With 100 ores you buy a keg, of any type you want (except Premium kegs, which are bought with real money). You can also spend it in the Draft game mode. You get them by completing daily quests, with the “GG” (“Good Game”), and at nodes in the reward book.

How do you get to rank 0 in Gwent? ›

Each Ranked season lasts 1 calendar month and at the end of each one, the top 200 Pro Rank players are rewarded with Crown Points. Each game you play with a faction unlocks a portion of its fMMR. To unlock 100% of a faction's fMMR, a player needs to complete at least 25 games with that faction.

Can Gwent play against AI? ›

In GWENT, you can play a casual match, compete in Classic mode or seasonal mode as well as on the Arena. You can also practice your skills against the AI during a training match.

Can you fail Gwent old pals? ›

If you fail on both occasions, you will have to wait until you complete A Poet Under Pressure whereupon he will also give you the quest A Dangerous Game. and the Eithné card. If he's the first one you met and beat out of the group, he'll direct you to play Vernon Roche, who's hiding out at Temerian Partisan Hideout.

Should you give the cards to Zoltan? ›

Since Zoltan has the coin he needs to pay his debt from Duke, he leaves your choice of reward up to you. Either the three rare cards or split the gold (350 crowns). It is wise to take the three cards to help with the side quest “Collect 'em All!” Once you decide a reward, the quest will end.

Is Gwent pay to win? ›

No. In the beginning you will play other newbies who have about as many unlocked cards as you do, and as you progress you'll get more, as will they. Focus on a specific faction at first when unlocking cards to stay in the running with everyone else. i almost got complete set of a faction without spending real money...

What card has the most HP? ›

As of 2019, the card with the highest health is tied between Shadow Lugia and a Tag Team GX card called Wailord and Magikarp. They both have 300 HP. Shadow Lugia TCG also has a really high HP of 300, making it the strongest or one of the strongest Pokemon cards.

What is the number 1 TCG? ›

1 Pokémon TCG

While Magic: The Gathering is the oldest TCG, the Pokémon TCG is the most iconic for several reasons. The lasting power of Pokémon as a whole has kept the game going for decades and the game goes through significant periods of renewed love.

How many Gwent cards exist? ›

Gwent includes over 150 cards from the following factions: Nilfgaard. Northern Realms. Monsters.

Is Gwent all luck? ›

However, luck cannot with every game for you. You might get lucky and win a round, but remember, Gwent is played for 2 out of 3 and the mechanics are very cleverly placed to prevent or minimize the chance of getting that lucky 2 rounds in a row. The “experience” factor is always a huge part.

Is there a real Gwent card game? ›

Gwent: The Witcher Card Game is a free-to-play digital collectible card game developed and published by CD Projekt for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One in 2018, for iOS in 2019, for Android in 2020, and for macOS in 2021.

Which keg should I buy Gwent? ›

If you're new and looking to expand in one specific faction, go for the faction kegs. If you're looking for a specific card that is in one of the expansions, buy a few expansion kegs from Shupe to smash. If you're feeling really lucky, buy the Ultimate keg.

How do you play Gwent like a pro? ›

Tips For Gwent

Play Gwent with as many NPCs as possible. This strategy will allow the player to get better at the game and rewards them with a new card every time they play. It is important to use the least resources to win any Gwent game. Don't use stronger cards; hold off using them until necessary.

Is there a max hand size in Gwent? ›

At the start of a match, each player draws 10 cards from their deck. Before the match begins, players may choose to return up to three cards (two originally in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt) in order to redraw. The maximum hand size is 10, any cards that are drawn whilst at this limit will be discarded.

What card does Bloody Baron give? ›

To start this quest, one must play the Bloody Baron by either finding the notice in Crow's Perch or by talking to and challenging him (he uses the Northern Realms deck). Once defeated he will hand over the Sigismund Dijkstra card and give you the names of Velen's best players: Haddy, Old Sage, and a boatwright.

What is the best starter deck in Gwent? ›

MO is the ideal faction for beginners, as it's very straightforward but powerful in the right hands. Whether you're dwarfing the opposing units with towering giants, covering their board in Frost or swarming the battlefield with buffed up Insectoids, these slimy buggers can quickly overpower any opponent.

How do you get free kegs in Gwent? ›

3 Ways to Earn Kegs in Gwent
  1. Ore (primary resource for obtaining new cards through card kegs)
  2. Scraps (useful for crafting individual cards)
  3. Meteorite powder (transmute regular cards into animated premiums and purchase cosmetic items from the shop)
May 13, 2022

What is the max level in Gwent? ›

The overall levelling experience is now faster and the level cap has been decreased from 100 to 60. After that, you get access to prestige — meaning that once you reach the maximum level, you can level up again, become level 1 prestige 1 and gain permanent bonuses!

How do you win Quinto? ›

The score is for taking a quint in a trick (A 4 or 2 3 must be in the same trick) or cachette. The game is won by the first side to reach a total of 250. There are 65, 130 or 260 points for tricks, and 75 to 175 points for quints, so game will be reached in one to four deals.

What is the highest rank Gwent? ›

The structure is easy to comprehend, each Rank represents a rung on a ladder. The bottom rung is Rank 30, which is the Rank newcomers start on. The highest rung is Rank 0, also known as Pro Rank (we will get to that later).

How big should a Gwent deck be? ›

2. Avoid overloading your deck! In GWENT you can create decks of up to 40 cards, with the minimum number of cards required in your deck being 25. These limits include both units and special cards.

Who sells the best Gwent cards? ›

  • Innkeeper, White Orchard.
  • Innkeeper, Inn at the Crossroads, Velen.
  • Trader, Crow's Perch, Velen.
  • Quartermaster, Crow's Perch, Velen.
  • Trader, Midcopse, Velen.
  • Trader, Claywich, Velen.
  • Trader, Lindendale, Velen.
  • Olivier (innkeeper), Kingfisher Inn, Novigrad.

Why won't Gremist play Gwent? ›

Gremist, just north of Gedyneith, cannot be played until Practicum in Advanced Alchemy is completed.

What does zeal mean in Gwent? ›

Zeal: An Order ability can be used on the same turn the card is placed on the battlefield.

What does berserk do in Gwent? ›

Berserker is a close combat gwent card in the Blood and Wine expansion and part of the Skellige deck. When a mardroeme card is played on its row, it transforms into Transformed Vildkaarl.

How does mushy truffle work Gwent? ›

The Mushy Truffle is a clever card that gives you some nice flexibility. It does two things: lets you spawn and play a bonded unit from your starting deck (so make sure you have them in your list) and later spawn and play Golden Froth which is another 6 points.

What is the easiest faction in Gwent? ›


Overall, I agree with the fact that this is one of the easiest races to start with. Mainly because they don't have such difficult mechanics, like Nilfgaard or Syndicate. Most of the time Northern Realm cards have simple logistics.

Is geralt a Gwent addict? ›

And Geralt may be the biggest Gwent obsessive of them all. Leshen terrorizing the area? Need to find Ciri and save the world from the White Frost? All that can be frequently put on hold to indulge Geralt's Gwent addiction.

Is premium worth it Gwent? ›

Yeah, it is. For the relatively low price it charges, you get hella collectibles, vanity items and a ton of Reward points (the keys) to unlock more trees. In short, no. You get roughly 3700 ore for beating whole premium side of the journey and 11500 ore for beaing free part of it.

How do I get unlimited Gwent scraps? ›

First off, you can get Scraps by winning games against non-AI opponents. Each win will move you a notch along your progress bar, and progression will grant you rewards. Often, these bonuses will be scraps, though they can be Ore or kegs as well.

What Gwent deck does Dijkstra use? ›

ID. Sigismund Dijkstra is a close combat gwent card in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and part of the Northern Realms deck.

Can you play Gwent with Dijkstra? ›

Encountering Dijkstra allows the player to challenge him to gwent and continue the quest.

What is the strongest Yugioh deck? ›

Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel: The 10 Best Decks In The Game, Ranked
  • 8 Zoodiac.
  • 7 Thunder Dragon.
  • 6 Virtual World.
  • 5 Sky Striker.
  • 4 Invoked.
  • 3 Adamancipator.
  • 2 Drytron.
  • 1 Eldich.
Apr 18, 2022

What is the strongest faction in Gwent? ›

For competitive gameplay, a Skellige deck is a must-have in your top four, with the bonus of being really fun to play. Its cards truly reflect the fearless, bloodthirsty berserkers which they represent and make it the best faction in Gwent.

What is the number 1 Yu-Gi-Oh card? ›

Blue-Eyes White Dragon

Beyond this, however, Blue-Eyes White Dragon can boast its status as one of the most valuable Yu-Gi-Oh! cards released to date. As the rarest card to pull in the original Legend of Blue-Eyes White Dragon booster pack, a first-edition copy can sell at auction for thousands of dollars.

What is the coolest Yu-Gi-Oh card? ›

Blue-Eyes White Dragon

It's the signature card of Yugi Muto's big rival, Seto Kaiba. It's still the strongest normal monster card in the game with an ATK of 3,000. In short, this is the most iconic YuGiOh card there is.

What is the number 1 deck for Yu-Gi-Oh? ›

Eldlich is the number one deck on our list and the best control deck in the game. No other card comes close.

What is the strongest spell card? ›

1. Lightning Storm. The strength of this spell card comes from its versatility. Lightning Storm essentially offers both the effects of Raigeki and Harpie's Feather Duster within a single card, with player choice and versatility at its core.

What is the most OP magic card? ›

Black Lotus is easily the most iconic and powerful Magic: The Gathering card of all time. It's the king of the famed "Power Nine," dating back to 1993's Alpha set, and it's simply far too good at what it does: boosting the player's mana.

What is the best legendary deck? ›

Best All Legendary Cards Deck in Clash Royale
  • Miner in Clash Royale (Image via Sportskeeda)
  • Magic Archer (Image via Sportskeeda)
  • Log card in Clash Royale (Image via Sportskeeda)
  • Lumberjack card (Image via Sportskeeda)
  • Graveyard Spell (Image via Sportskeeda)
  • Fisherman card (Image via Sportskeeda)
Mar 2, 2022


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