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The month of March 2021 is a good one for farming fans, with Harvest Moon: One World releasing first and Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town at the end of the month.Harvest Moon: One Worldhas already been reviewed at LadiesGamers (find the review here), and now it’s time for our Beginners Guide. After all, farming in Harvest Moon: One Worldis slightly different!

Lets Get the Game Started

Starting in the game you get to choose whether your are a boy or girl, and what color skin, hair and eyes you have. There’s not more customisation there, though you can name your alter ego farmer yourself.

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This would be farmer still lives with her mom and is dreaming about the days of myth, when there was more to eat then just potatoes found in the wild. Somehow the world is struggling to grow food, due to the disappearance of the Harvest Goddess.

You go on an errand from your mom to forage potatoes, and your next door neighbour joins you: Doc Jr. Nice to see Doc’s offspring from The Lost Valley and SkyTree Village back in this game. He must have even inherited his father’s lab coat as the sleeves are way too long! But like his father, he is an inventor, so that should come in handy.

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The tutorial for the game is wrapped in a bit of background story to get the game going: after pulling up some potatoes YvoCaro sees a blue light. Following it she finds a Harvest Wisp, who gives her a seed. That is something she has never seen…the thought of growing something yourself! Anyway, this leads to meeting Vitae, the Harvest Sprite of Life who gives you a Medallion of Life. She explains there are only 6 in total in the world, and it’s up to you to search for them. If you manage that, Bountiful Soil will return in abundance, making farming much easier.

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Time to spring into action and save the world. Of course…

A Farm on the Go

With a trip around the world in the works, Doc Jr. comes through with a very useful device: theExpando-Farm, to set up a farm anywhere you are. Very handy! The robot taking care of this is calledSparkyand you can kickstart this power source by feeding him food stuffs. The meter on the left shows how much energy you’ve given Sparky. Remember that you can only store your farm once Sparky’s energy is at the max.

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Before you set out your mom gives you a bag, and Doc Jr. gives you a DocPad: a farm configuration tool and a way to communicate with Doc as well. You open it with the “-” button on your left joycon. In this you will find:

  • Calendar: shows special dates, birthdays and even the weather for the next week
  • Bag: one tab for your seeds, crops etc and one tab with key items like hoe and brush
  • Friendship: shows the people and Harvest Sprites you have met, describes the character, their likes, dislikes and birthday
  • To do/ Requests: to do is marked by a tab with an !, requests on a tab with a ?
  • Worldmap: shows where you are, where memory portals are and you can search for specific Harvest Wisps (more on all of that later)
  • Save/Load: save anytime in the game, or go to another save file.
  • Options: has multiple sub tabs underneath
    * Records: shows your character, your level, your livestock and pets, total shipped and money earned. In separate tabs there’s also the number of animal products and crops you have achieved and lastly contest results.
    * Tips: review all the instructions you get in the game
    * Options: music and sound effect volume
    * Return to title screen
    * View Credits
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So, off into the world….though the first hamlet you find isn’t as far as you’d think. YvoCaro sets up her Expando-Farm in Callison.

Blue Lights for Seeds and Get Your Tools

Soon you find the Sparky icon and you set up your farm by pressing A in front of the icon. The new farm comes complete with a barn and some squares where you can sow seeds. Making new squares by tilling them doesn’t work, so your options are set, for now. I usually make neat squares of 9 block to sow the same seeds in, but that’s not how it works in this game.

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You cannot buy seeds in the general store that you find in Callison. Instead, you have to find the blue lights that are dotted all around. Little Harvest Wisps that give you a seed, of different kinds. There is an abundance of Harvest Wisps to be found and here is where your DocPad comes in. Go to the World Map, press Y and in the search bar scroll through the kind of crop seed you want. You will see the crop show up on the map.

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Your farmhouse is pretty complete. There’s a fridge and a chest ofdrawers in which you can store your goods, plus an encyclopaedia with all you need to know.

The first person you meet is Samantha, who will empty your shipping box at 6am in the morning. After you leave your farm to look around, you meet Braden who teaches you what you need to know about caring for animals. He gives you a brush, milker and clippers plus a pitchfork, which you need to clean out the barn. Beneficial too, as the compost can be used as fertilizer. And like with farming, the game knows what to do: first pet an animal, then brush it, then use the milker if it’s a cow (or clippers when it’s a sheep). No need to select or equip.

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You discover that there’s a general store in Callison and an animal store. As you get your seeds from the little wisps the general store has tools for sale, but of course, no seeds. You can buy an Axe and Hammer there.

The First Town Conquered

At this point you will get your first quests, and you have a main goal to progress the game: Braden’s cow Emily is sick. You have to talk to vet Gabrielle and though reluctantly, she will eventually point the way to the kind of food that will make Emily better. It’s in the clearing with the apple trees, but don’t bother checking for Emily’s feed in your pockets. Just follow the storyline and Emily will be well in no time.

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With this problem solved, Callison’s memorial pillar returns to its old glory and you get the second medallion from the Harvest Sprite of Earth. The game opens up from here. Doc Jr gives you his new invention, the first Maker, that makes animal feed. And the morning after Vitae gives you the first Goddess Strawberry, which gives 1 extra heart.

Every time you get a new medallion you must remember to visit your mom, as she will give an expansion of your bag.And while back in your own neighborhood Doc Jr. has another nice addition too: Doc’s Crafts and Inventions shop. A machine that takes your ores that you will find in mines and turn it into the metal, and has some other nice things in it too.

Back in Callison you find that the bridge to the right is repaired which leads to new fruit bearing trees and a mine. In the mine you find your first ores, which you need to progress. Doc Jr. will ask for 5 bronze, so take 5 bronze ore and turn it into bronze in the DCI. Give them to Doc Jr. and in turn, there will be a fertilizer maker when you come back to the farm.

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From here, you know what to expect in Harvest Moon: One World. Every part of the world looks different, from a summer landscape to lava rocks, and in every part you find new seeds, fruits etc.There are five distinct areas:the sprawling grasslands of Calisson, the gorgeous beaches of Halo Halo, the searing desert heat of Pastilla, the cozy hills of Lebkuchen, and the snowy mountains of Salmiakki.

So I’m ending this Beginners Guide with some tips to make gameplay more fun to do.

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Farming and Taking Care of Animals

  • The mechanics of farming are great: no need to find the right tool to use. The game does that for you only by clicking A. An unworked tile of land brings up the hoe, after which you can choose your seed. Want to add fertilizer? That’s next, after which you automatically water. It works the same when taking care of your animals.
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  • When you look at a harvested crop in your bag it shows to what season it’s reacts best. But they grow anywhere, needing more fertilizer and patience to let them grow.
  • There are so many different crops in the game, and then there’s the possibility of crop mutations as well! By going into your house and pressing the action button on the Encyclopaedia (the blue book) – and then selecting one of the crops or flowers – you’ll be able to see how many potential mutations there is for a particular crop.
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  • I decided to keep 2 or 3 of each crop as a spare in my fridge or chest, as some requests can be easily fulfilled this way!
  • Sparky uses energy from crops and foodstuffs. The Acorns and Mushrooms that you find on the ground work perfectly for that.
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  • When you pack up your farm to move it, it takes everything along, but not your plot of land with crops already in it. So either you have to travel back to water daily, or accept that they will wilt.
  • Every animal you encounter in the wild can be petted, even the tiger! Bond with them (you can see your progress by the filled up music bar) and the smaller ones will act as pets, while the bigger ones will want to live in your barn. This will lead to animals you can ride, like camels and reindeer.
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And Some More Tips

  • You can save the game in the DocPad, but you can also choose Save and Sleep when turning in.
  • Visit your mom after every medallion to get a bigger bag
  • The calendar in your house not only shows birthdays and events, but also this week’s weather!
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  • If you don’t get back to bed before your Stamina (marked by the hearts atop the screen) runs out, your character will pass out. You won’t lose any items and will be transported back to your farm, but your condition will deteriorate. You can check how your condition is in the smiley face next to the hearts. If it’s not good (flat face or blue cross-eyed face) your staminarunsout much faster! So, early to bed the next day!
  • Braden gives you 10 Milk as a thank you. Keep it, don’t sell it like I do. Because you need 10 milk in Lebkuchen to proceed! And buying a cow yourself is costly!
  • You can buy a fishing pole in Lebkuchen, but remember: you need bait to be able to fish.
  • The bridge on the road that leads away from Gabrielle’s house can be repaired with Ginko Lumber. You get this from Doc Jr. after he requests 3 regular Lumber.
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  • Requests can come through the mail, but also directly when you are talking with someone.
  • Doc Jr.’s requests are important even though they don’t seem to amount to much at first. It leads to having makers, upgrading your barn etc. So even though it’s annoying that he is always putting pressure to make haste, it ultimately pays off.
  • Want to go for one of the bachelors or bachelorettes? Do their requests!
    Bachelors: Braden (Callison), Tristan (Lebkuchen), Jamil (Pastilla), Kanoa (Halo Halo), Sami (Salmiakki)
    Bachelorettes: Gabrielle (Callison), Laura (Lebkuchen), Malika (Pastilla), Ahina (Halo Halo), Kirsi (Salmiakki)
    The DLC will add another bachelor and bachelorette, Shogen and Sana from the far east.

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How long does it take to beat Harvest Moon: One World? ›

Main Story219h 15m
Main + Extras227h 43m
All PlayStyles423h 29m

How do you marry Braden in Harvest Moon: One World? ›

After the event with the Harvest Goddess, you just have to go to the person you wish to marry and it will automatically trigger a proposal notification. You can decide not to propose at this time and you will have the chance to do it again on the next day.

How do you get the AXE in Harvest Moon: One World? ›

You discover that there's a general store in Callison and an animal store. As you get your seeds from the little wisps the general store has tools for sale, but of course, no seeds. You can buy an Axe and Hammer there.

Can you marry the same gender in Harvest Moon: One World? ›

Players should note that there is no gay marriage in the game. For those hoping to romance the same-sex, they will need to pick the opposite gender avatar at the beginning of the game.

Do your kids grow up in Harvest Moon: One World? ›

After another season, the child will be fully-grown. This is the final age stage and they will never grow any older. There will be a scene where the child begins to walk around your house. From this point on, you can interact with them in any way, such as raising their affection.

What is the max farming level? ›

Unlike most other Skills, Farming has a maximum level of 60. There are also special leveling rewards.

What is the max level in farm together? ›

The maximum player level currently is 250.

Is Harvest Moon: One World fun? ›

All in all, Harvest Moon: One World has a few good mechanics that add some spice to the genre, but the super simple story and one dimensional characters will not keep adult audiences engaged for very long. A good introduction to the farming sim genre for your little ones.

Is it better to get married on a waxing or waning moon? ›

Marriage and the Moon

The ancient Greeks believed that marriages consummated during the full Moon were the most prosperous and happiest, but a waning Moon boded ill for wedded bliss. The full Moon is also considered to be an ideal time to accept a marriage proposal.

How many hearts do you need to marry Haley? ›

Each Heart event marks a turning point in your relationship with Haley and after a total of 14 Hearts, you'll be well on your way to matrimonial bliss.

Can you divorce in Harvest Moon? ›

You cannot get divorced, so if you wish to see love events for a different character, you will need to start a new game...

How do you get rid of big rocks in Harvest Moon: One World? ›

The most important upgrades come to the Hammer and Axe, which allow you to destroy larger stones and ore nodes, and cut down tougher trees, respectively. Upgrades to the Fishing Rod, Hoe, and Watering Can are just time-savers more than anything.

How do I get a better Hammer in Harvest Moon: One World? ›

Find Dva for the Request

It is located towards the east of Callison and the west of Halo Halo. Once you find Dva, he will offer you a request and teach you how to upgrade your tools once you complete it. Dva will be the one that gives you all the upgraded tools even if there are other mines in the game.

Can you get pregnant in Harvest Moon? ›

Like in other versions of Harvest Moon, A New Beginning allows you to have a virtual offspring to live on your farm. You can have one child in the game, and he or she won't help you with any of the farmwork. Before you can have a child, you need to get married!

Is Stardew Valley a sequel to Harvest Moon? ›

Before it grew into the game we know today, “Stardew Valley” started as a clone of “Harvest Moon,” Barone has said.

How many children can you have in Harvest Moon? ›

Game Information

In the original Harvest Moon game, you can have up to two children with your spouse.

Is Harvest Moon better than Stardew Valley? ›

Whereas Harvest Moon titles usually appeal to younger gamers, Stardew Valley has just the right amount of complexity and features to accommodate both hardcore and casual fans. Like Harvest Moon, Stardew Valley tasks players with restoring and taking care of a farm.

Can you have more than one pet in Harvest Moon: One World? ›

You can have a maximum of 3 small pets living inside your house. The number of large pets you can own is limited to the amount of livestock space you have in your barn.

Can you marry Soleil Harvest Moon? ›

Soleil is the third marriage candidate in Harvest Moon/Story of Seasons franchise who can be married by both male and female protagonists. The first being Jamie from Harvest Moon: Magical Melody, and the other being Inari from Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns.

How can I increase my farming level fast? ›

To level up farming skill requires experience points, which are gained by harvesting crops, petting farm animals, milking cows or goats, shearing sheep, and picking up animal products inside a coop. Animal products worth 20% more. Crops worth 10% more.

What XP farm gives you the most XP? ›

These are the 5 best XP farms in Minecraft:
  • Kelp XP Farm.
  • AFK Fish Farms.
  • Mob Spawner Farm.
  • Traditional Mob Grinder.
  • Cactus + Bamboo XP Farm.
30 Mar 2022

What should I pick at level 10 farming? ›

Farming Level 10

Given that artisan goods are some of the most profitable items in the game, it's much better than the crop growth speed increase given by Agriculturist. If you did choose Rancher, Shepherd is the better Level 10 choice, making sheep produce wool faster.

Can you build a house in Farm Together? ›

Houses are buildings that you can get into, and customize their contents and looks. They are built in a number of stages, each one of them taking some time and requiring a payment.

What is the max extra farming drops? ›

Extra Farming Drops is an upgrade purchased from Anita in the Farmhouse in the Hub that increases a player's Farmhand Perk by 2% Extra Crops per upgrade level, stacking to a maximum of +30%.

How do you farm diamonds together? ›

Diamonds are the currency used to buy most Buildings, Decorations, Fences, and Roads. You get them from selling your goods at shops or from harvesting certain Trees, Flowers, and Crops. You will also receive a small amount of diamonds every single day when you login for the first time.

Is Story of Seasons better than Harvest Moon? ›

WINNER: Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town!

For just a few bucks/quid extra, Story of Seasons adds a pretty hefty amount of new content. You could argue that the extra areas should have been in the game at the start, and we don't disagree - but it's still a vastly better deal than Harvest Moon offers.

Which version of Harvest Moon is the best? ›

Every Harvest Moon Game, Ranked Worst To Best
  • #7 - Harvest Moon: Save The Homeland. ...
  • #6 - Harvest Moon: Back To Nature. ...
  • #5 - Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life. ...
  • #4 - Harvest Moon: Animal Parade. ...
  • #3 - Harvest Moon: Magical Melody. ...
  • #2 - Harvest Moon: Friends Of Mineral Town. ...
  • #1 - Story Of Seasons 3DS.
12 Mar 2022

Do Harvest Moon games end? ›

The game always ends after three years, the aim of the player is to grow crops, raise animals, get married and have children before the end of this period. There are 20 different possible endings, each with their own special requirements.

What moon should you get married on? ›

Kickstart your planning on a New Moon

The new moon is the very first in the line of the lunar cycle; this is when seeds are planted, and new beginnings are on the horizon. The new moon carries a fresh energy, one that may spark motivation to kick-start your wedding planning process.

Is it good to have haircut on full moon day? ›

“If you cut your hair in the waxing stage, your hair grows faster. If you cut your hair in the waning stage, it actually grows slower. If you cut it on the full moon, it actually strengthens the roots and makes your hair grow thicker,” she added.

Is it OK to cut hair during waning moon? ›

According to folklore, if hair is cut during the Moon's waxing phase (between new and full), growth is encouraged. The opposite will occur if hair is cut during the waning phase (the day after the Moon is full to the day before it's new).

What does Haley do if you marry her? ›

After the wedding, Haley moves in with you (duh) and spends most of her time around the house and farm. She might be... However, she does have unique schedules on Mondays.

What gift should I give Haley? ›

Loved Gifts

Haley loves the sun, and that's reflected in her favorite gifts. Her loved gifts include coconuts, Fruit Salad, Pink Cake, and sunflowers.To make the Fruit Salad, get the recipe from the Queen of Sauce on Fall 7 in Year 2.

What do you give Haley for her birthday? ›

To increase your relationship with Haley, these are the best items to give her.
  • Pink Cake.
  • Coconut.
  • Fruit Salad.
  • Sunflower.
  • All Universal Loves except for Prismatic Shard.
26 Feb 2016

Can you get drunk in Harvest Moon? ›

You can also drink wine, but you do not get drunk. The only questionable alcohol experience is in Harvest Moon DS in a heart event with Flora. She has a wine she likes that isn't carried in the inn, so she goes to the bar.

Can a girl marry a girl in harvest town? ›

You cannot marry the same gender, unfortunately. Marriage is not yet unlocked in the game, unless you are using the Chinese version.

Can you marry a man in Harvest Moon? ›

You can get married in the game if you would like to, though your spouse doesn't contribute anything to your farm. There are five marriage candidates per gender in the base game: Elise, Jeanne, Melanie, Nova, and Tabitha for boy farmers, and Cyril, Dean, Edmond, Gabriel, and Gareth for girl farmers.

What happens if you marry the Harvest Goddess? ›

Once she accepts your proposal, the marriage will occur in seven days' time, so make sure you hire the Harvest Spirits in advance to take care of your crops and animals. After you've been married, the Harvest Goddess will continue to live in her spring leaving you alone on the farm.

Can you have kids with the harvest goddess? ›

The Harvest Goddess also follows this series of events if you marry her. She will personally announce that she is pregnant, the next day you'll pick your preferred child gender, and then 60 days later the baby will magically appear in your bed.

Can you marry NPC in coop? ›

According to the wiki, yes. As long as you aren't trying to marry the same NPC.

How many floors are in the mine in Harvest Moon: One World? ›

This mine has a total of 40 floors. On floor 40 you'll find an Onion Harvest Wisp.

What should I upgrade my house in Harvest Moon: One World? ›

You'll need to harvest five Titanium Ore from the Lebkuchen Mine to upgrade your House in Harvest Moon.

How do you get the axe in Harvest Moon: One World? ›

You discover that there's a general store in Callison and an animal store. As you get your seeds from the little wisps the general store has tools for sale, but of course, no seeds. You can buy an Axe and Hammer there.

How do you get a higher tier hammer in the ground? ›

Three Berry Chunks equal one Berry Leather, so you'll need to collect 12 Berry Chunks in total before heading to your workbench and crafting four Berry Leather. Once you've unlocked all nine total ingredients, you can craft a Insect Hammer at any workbench and open up a whole new world of smashable crafting items.

Does Harvest Moon: One World have an ending? ›

Once the main story of the game is complete, there are a number of additional options to occupy time. While farming for the sheer enjoyment of it is always an option, the post-game lets the player-character build a larger house or even get married to one of Harvest Moon: One World's marriage candidates.

Is Harvest Moon: One World a good game? ›

If you're looking for the next Stardew Valley, this doesn't even come close. Harvest Moon: One World is a poor imitation of what the series once was, and it feels more like a rushed mobile game than a full-fledged Switch game. These games have always been about chores, but this one feels like a chore to play.

Can you slow down time in Harvest Moon: One World? ›

The latest update contains a few changes, including an adjustment to the time progression speed to make it slower. This, alongside some "tweaks to the flow of some actions", should allow players to make their farming days more efficient and productive.

Is Stardew Valley A copy of Harvest Moon? ›

Before it grew into the game we know today, “Stardew Valley” started as a clone of “Harvest Moon,” Barone has said.

Is Stardew Valley similar to Harvest Moon? ›

Like Harvest Moon, Stardew Valley tasks players with restoring and taking care of a farm. And again, like the farm sim, Stardew Valley players need to decide which crops to plant, what animals to acquire, which villagers to build relationships with, and how to best manage the farm overall.

Who can I marry in Harvest Moon: One World? ›

The marriage candidates are:
  • Ahina.
  • Braden.
  • Gabrielle.
  • Jamil.
  • Kanoa.
  • Kirsi.
  • Laura.
  • Malika.

Is Rune Factory the same as Harvest Moon? ›

Rune Factory is a fantasy farm simulation game and a spin-off of the Harvest Moon/Story of Seasons video game series, celebrating the 10th anniversary of the franchise. It is described by Yoshifumi Hashimoto (longtime producer of the Harvest Moon/Story of Seasons series) as "Harvest Moon where you wield a sword."

How do you mine faster in Harvest Moon? ›

Mining Tips

Upgrade your hammer and your hoe ASAP to Gold (maximum level). The upgraded hammer will take less of your stamina and the gold hoe can dig up to 6 squares at a time! Use save/load trick to save your energy and supplies when you are faced with really large areas.

How long is one day in Harvest Moon? ›

Each day in the game is 24 hours long. You'll wake up at 6:00 am, play through your day, and go to bed (and save your game) in the evening hours.

How long does it take grass to grow on Harvest Moon: One World? ›

Plant in on to harvest Grass ( 3 G ). Can be harvested after 4 days.

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