Bellular Shadowlands UI (2023)

We’ve put together ElvUI profiles that serve as gameplay-focused, one-size-fits-all profiles. For almost everything you do in-game, this should work.

All information that you need for core combat should be visible while remaining free of clutter.

Get ElvUI, and install it to your WoW directory. That’s usually “C:/Program Files (x86)/World of Warcraft/_retail_/Interface/AddOns”.

You can also use the Tukui Client instead if you’d like a simple solution to install and keep it up-to-date.

Once that’s done, open WoW. Make sure ElvUI is enabled, and log in. ElvUI’s installation process should start — click Skip Process, and your UI should reload.
When that’s done, open ElvUI Config — type /ec into chat, or click ElvUI from the Game Menu. Go to Profiles, then Import Profile. There are two versions of the profile below. One that leaves room for off-the-shelf WeakAuras for tracking abilities/buffs and other combat stuff. The other is for those who don’t want to mess around with WeakAuras.There are also character settings — not everything is saved in the profile alone.

The Small versions should work if you’re sitting close to a monitor. For these, set your UI Scale in ElvUI to 0.53.
The Large versions are for people sitting at a distance from TVs, or those with some mild visual impairment. For these, set your UI Scale to 0.74 and everything should line up.

Small Version for NO WeakAuras

Large Version for NO WeakAuras

Small Version for WeakAuras

Large Version for WeakAuras

Character Settings

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Copy the text from the links above, go to Profile and click Import Profile at the top. That’s the ElvUI profile installed!

Repeat the same Import process for the Character Settings and that’s you.

Video Guide

Video Guide (Changing Size To Large)

We highly recommend the WeakAuras version — good community WAs will do more specific tracking for combat than any ElvUI profile can. A list of recommended WeakAuras is below, both for basic combat tracking and also for use in dungeons and raids.

You’ll still need some other addons — we have a video on those coming soon! To have a ‘complete’ gameplay experience you’ll still need DBM or BigWigs at least and their dungeon equivalents.

We do have a simple Details profile to match the rest of the UI’s design, you can Import via /details options -> Profiles -> Import Profile.

Details Profile

This is a selection of WeakAuras suggested to use in conjunction with the Bellular UI profile for Shadowlands. If you’re using the No WeakAuras profile, most of these will still be useful, you can just ignore the first one.

These are as simple as installing the WeakAuras addon and importing the string to WeakAuras — much like with the Elv profile. Type /wa, click Import, paste your string, then click Import Group on the pop-up.

Core Abilities/Consumables/Combat WeakAuras

First, if you’re using the WeakAura-focused profile, these are what you’ll want to throw in the center area of your screen, to handle your abilities and buffs.

There are a lot of people making these, but Luxthos and Afenar are my favorites right now, and they usually support every spec in the game. They both do exceptional work and a lot of it. Just go to their sites below, copy + import the WeakAuras.

(Video) FIX YOURS NOW! Bellular Dragonflight UI: The Fast, Clean & Optimal Setup For WoW!

Preach’s WeakAuras may also be a good shout — we’ve not played with them, but his team’s put a lot of work into them and our UI layout should work in conjunction.


If these are too large, select the WeakAura, go to the Group tab, find Group Scale and drag that down. This applies to basically every aura — they’re very easy to customize. You can also change most fonts, bar textures, and colors in just a few minutes.

Video guide

Shadowlands Dungeons

As happens with every expansion and tier, someone creates a collection of auras for each dungeon’s most important ability. Jodsderechte’s taken that mantle this time — this will show the active important mechanic that you need to deal with as it happens. There may be some bugs and inaccuracies, so update it as often as possible!

Bellular Shadowlands UI (1)

Shadowlands Dungeons

Castle Nathria

Like with the dungeons, someone does the same for the raid. One of the best in the business is Causese, who has WIP Nathria auras available. Update these when the raid goes live, and like with the Dungeon auras, this should help you with everything. While not a replacement for the lead time that boss mods give you, this makes sure you know exactly what you need to do when you need to do it.

Castle Nathria

Bellular Shadowlands UI (2)

Nnoggie’s Raid Ability Timeline Edit

Originally created by PhoGuild’s Joker, Nnoggie does some small upkeep and editing.

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This disables DeadlyBossMods or BigWig’s bar display and funnels that information into a timeline instead.

Bellular Shadowlands UI (3)

This is more centralized and readable than the usual way, but your mileage may vary.

Raid Ability Timeline Nnoggie Edit

ZenTracker & Nnoggie’s Interrupt Tracker

ZenTracker is an amazing tool — it tracks interrupts and cooldowns for your group. However, it’s only a back-end — it requires another WeakAura, a front-end, to work. ZenML has their own icons, bars, and text front-ends, but they can take a lot of setups to get *right*, and you don’t always need to know this info unless you’re a raid leader.

For general use, Nnoggie’s Interrupt Tracker is a favorite front-end — it’s configured out of the box to track only interrupts. A must-have for Mythic+!

Bellular Shadowlands UI (4)


Nnoggie’s Interrupt Tracker

NOTE: ZenTracker also needs the addon LibGroupInSpecT to work — simply install like any other.

Ultimate Mouse Cursor

This one is less important, but I find it hard to track my mouse cursor as a healer when moving the camera a lot. It puts a series of circles around your cursor in combat, one to track current cast time, one to track your GCD, and one that’s always there so you can see it. I’ll also share my edit of size/color — I wanted something less intrusive but with the same functionality.

(Video) Can You FINALLY Delete Your WoW Addons? Dragonflight UI Revamp

Bellular Shadowlands UI (5)
Bellular Shadowlands UI (6)

Ultimate Mouse Cursor

Our Edit — It’s a lot smaller and is a more visible red.

Set UI Scale to 0.53 (for Small) or 0.74 (for Large) if everything seems to be in the wrong place.

Type /moveui or click Toggle Anchors in the ElvUI settings to reposition anything you’d like otherwise.
If there’s something that isn’t showing up that you think should, or any tweaks you’d like to make, it’s worth getting into editing our own UI and WeakAuras — it’s a fun rabbit hole! Any pressing questions, you can ask @Plasmagi on Twitter.

Actionbars are center screen because that’s what you need to know more often than anything else. Player buffs are similarly important, so are just offset to the left. Player health is relatively large and well away from the center — you can see how full the bar is in the periphery. The pitch-black backdrop helps provide contrast against the class color.

Enemy status should mostly be handled by Nameplates, but the Target Frame also displays debuff bars so you can follow those easily.

The top-left/left is mostly kept clear, as room for additional information from WeakAuras or things like raid assignments.

The same goes for the right. There’s room between the center and boss frames to allow for boss mod addon or WeakAura info.

Party and raid are designed to take up minimal space and have only the most basic information — ElvUI’s filters handle showing only the buffs/debuffs you need to see, as well as anything you can handle yourself.

The minimap has been set larger and the likes of experience, honor and reputation are up there, as is system info and time. Having key information at a glance is useful, so might as well put it all in the same already-used spot.

(Video) My Honest Thoughts On The New WoW UI...


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