9 ways to earn money by playing video games (2023)


Gaming is the act of playing video games on a computer, smartphone, or gaming console. Gaming can be a fun and enjoyable way to spend time. The gaming industry has grown significantly in recent years. Several people like to play games for hours and a few are also making good money just by playing video games. Earning depends on the person to person, but some gamers are actually making millions a year. PewDiePie and DanTDM are two notable YouTubers who have earned millions just playing video games live on YouTube. N0tail, Bugha, C6, dupreeh, Faker are a few gamers who are known for winning millions in esports tournaments. So, a lot of people now aim to make a career in gaming. There are several ways to make a career in gaming. You can play Esports to win tournament prizes and stream your games to earn from sponsors, viewers, and ads. Other notable career options are Game journalism, Game testing, and Game development.

Gaming can be a rewarding career for those who are passionate about it. If you are good at playing video games, you can make a good career in gaming. There are several ways to make a career in the gaming industry, but what if you just want to play games and earn? There are several ways you can make good money just by playing video games. In this article, I will write about different ways one can earn a good full income by playing video games. Although it seems easy, gaming requires a significant amount of effort, dedication, and the right skills to turn it into a sustainable profession.

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There are several ways to earn money while playing video games. In this article, I will explain different ways to earn money by playing video games.

1. Streaming

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Streaming is a way for gamers to share their gameplay and commentary with a live audience through platforms such as Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook Gaming. It has become a popular way for gamers to earn money by playing video games. Many streaming platforms, such as Twitch, allow viewers to subscribe to a streamer’s channel for a monthly fee. Streamers can earn money from these subscriptions. YouTube lets viewers tip their streamers and also provides them an option to earn via the YouTube partner program. The amount of money that a streamer can earn through streaming can vary greatly depending on the number of viewers they have, their engagement with the audience, and their ability to monetize their channel.

If you play well enough to attract viewers, you can easily start earning via streaming. On average, a small streamer earns around $1000-$1200 per month. This amount grows with your viewership.

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2. Esports

Competitive gaming tournaments often offer large prize pools for the winning teams or individuals. These prize pools can range from a few thousand dollars to millions of dollars, depending on the tournament and the game being played. It’s worth noting that the amount of money that an esports player can earn can vary greatly depending on their skill level, the popularity of the game they play, and the tournaments and leagues they participate in. You need to have a high level of skill and dedication for being good.

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If you join an esports company, you can also get a good salary with your contact. This is becoming more common in major esports leagues, where players are considered full-time employees of the team.

Professional esports players and teams often have sponsorships with companies that provide them with financial support and equipment.

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3. Game walk-throughs and tutorials

Creating and uploading game walk-throughs and tutorials on platforms like YouTube or Twitch can be a good way to earn money. Several people like to watch gaming videos to learn more about the game and understand the game before they purchase. Gaming tutorials also help other people understand the game and make them better. I remember watching CS: Go videos to learn different smoke throws and gaming strategies. If you are good at a game, you can make different tutorials and guides. As your channel grows, you can earn money through ads, sponsorships, and affiliate marketing.

4. Virtual item trading

Some video games allow players to buy and sell virtual items, such as weapons, armor, and in-game currency. By accumulating and selling these items, players can earn real money.

Gamers can earn money by buying in-game items at a low price and then selling them for a higher price. This can be done through in-game trading or through third-party websites that specialize in virtual item trading. Sometimes you also acquire rate in-game items that can be sold for a good profit.

Some games and platforms like Steam have third-party marketplaces where players can buy and sell virtual items. These marketplaces can be great places for gamers to buy and sell items, and they often take a small fee for each transaction.

5. Sponsorships

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If you have a good viewership and followers on social media, brands will also offer you sponsored deals for promoting their products or services. Gamers who stream their gameplay on platforms like Twitch and YouTube can promote specific products in their videos. If you have a strong following on social media, you can earn money by promoting products or services through their posts. This can include sponsored posts, product reviews, or affiliate marketing.

The amount you can earn via brand deals depend on your follower base and viewership. If you have a reputation and a positive image, it helps in attracting brand deals.

6. Game testing

Gamers can earn as freelance game testers by finding opportunities to test video games for companies or independent game developers. They can do this by searching online for job postings, reaching out to game development studios directly, or joining freelance job platforms that connect testers with game developers. Additionally, they can also build a portfolio of their testing work and share it online to showcase their skills and experience to potential clients. As they have good gaming skills, they can provide better feedback to game developers. So developers can improve their games and fix bugs before reading the game to the general public.

7. Work as a Video Game Journalist

Gamers can earn as video game journalists by writing articles, reviews, and analysis about video games for various publications such as websites, magazines, newspapers, and blogs. They can also create video content, such as game playthroughs, reviews, and analysis, and post it on platforms like YouTube and Twitch.

To get started, they can create a portfolio of their writing and video content, and then reach out to publications and websites that cover video games to inquire about freelance opportunities. They can also join online communities of video game journalists to network with other professionals and learn about job opportunities. Additionally, they can also create their own blog or website to establish themselves as an authority on video games and attract readers and potential clients.

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Several organizations, that report esports, and games, hire people who can write for different video games. PC Invasion, IGN, PC Gamer, and several other gaming news publications regularly hire people to write gaming news, walkthrough, guides, and tutorials.

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8. Affiliate marketing

Gamers can earn money through affiliate marketing by promoting video games, gaming equipment, and other related products on their website or social media channels. You can do this by joining an affiliate program, which allows you to earn a commission on any sales.

To get started, you can find affiliate programs that are related to video games and gaming equipment like gaming mouse, headphones, gaming chairs, monitor, GPUs, and prebuilt gaming PCs. Many gaming companies, retailers, and online marketplaces have affiliate programs that they can join. For example, I use the Amazon Associate program to promote different products listed on Amazon.

Once you have joined an affiliate program, you can start promoting the products by creating content such as reviews, tutorials, and recommendations on their website, social media channels, and YouTube channels. It’s important to note that in order to be successful with affiliate marketing, you need to have an audience that trusts your opinions and is interested in what you are promoting. Building a loyal audience takes time and effort but it can be a great way to monetize your passion for video games.

9. Video Game Coaching

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Gamers can become video game coaches by sharing their knowledge and expertise in a particular game or genre with others who are looking to improve their skills. They can do this by offering one-on-one coaching sessions, creating video tutorials, writing guides, or leading group coaching sessions. Several esports companies also hire video game coaches for their players and play a huge sum to video game coaches. If you are good enough, you can also offer your coaching services on freelance job platforms such as Upwork and Fiverr.

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How can we earn money by playing games? ›

Best Online Games That You Can Play To Earn Real Money
  • List Of Online Real Money Games To Play. Dream11.com. ...
  • Dream11.com. ...
  • Paytm First Games. ...
  • Qureka. ...
  • Loco Live Trivia & Quiz Game Show. ...
  • My11Circle. ...
  • Ace2Three. ...
  • 8 Ball Pool.
Jul 12, 2022

What is this NFT play to earn gaming all about and how can you make money from it? ›

Play-to-earn NFT games allow players to make money while playing games. It's a great way to earn in-game currency that one can sell for real money. All you have to do is start playing a play-to-earn NFT game and sell your in-game items to get money. You can also use your earnings to buy other in-game items.

Do video games pay real money? ›

Yes, you really can get paid to play video games. With the rise of Esports, Twitch, and professional gamers, there's never been a better time to monetize your video game hobby. And the cool part is, you don't have to be a pro.

Are NFT games legit? ›

NFTs are a scam. If you think they are legitimately useful for anything other than the exploitation of creators, financial scams, and the destruction of the planet [then] we ask that [you] please reevaluate your life choices.”

What does NFT stand for? ›

NFT stands for 'non-fungible token'. Non-fungible means that something is unique and can't be replaced. By contrast, physical money and cryptocurrencies are fungible, which means they can be traded or exchanged for one another. Every NFT contains a digital signature which makes each one unique.

Which crypto game is free to earn? ›

Gods Unchained is one of the most popular free crypto games currently. It is an online digital card game all based on NFTs. Players can collect, trade, battle, buy and sell cards on the Ethereum blockchain.

What games are real money? ›

If you're playing games on your phone, anyway, put down Candy Crush or Wordle and try one of these games that can earn you real money in 2023.
GameGenrePayout Type
Bubble CashBubble PoppingPayPal
DraftKings Fantasy FootballFantasy FootballBank Account, PayPal or Check
Blackout BingoCasinoPayPal
9 more rows
Jan 25, 2023

How to make money fast? ›

How to Make Money Online: 32 Proven Ways to Make Extra Money Fast
  1. Drive for Uber or Lyft. ...
  2. Become a market research participant. ...
  3. Sell old books and games on Amazon. ...
  4. Sell, or resell, used tech on Craigslist. ...
  5. Do tasks with TaskRabbit. ...
  6. Deliver for PostMates. ...
  7. Flip real estate contracts. ...
  8. Sell on CafePress or Etsy.
Feb 4, 2019

How to become a gamer? ›

10 Steps to Becoming a Pro Gamer
  1. Find Your Motivation. As with anything in life, it's important to play Esports for the right reasons. ...
  2. Pick Your Game. The next step is to find your game. ...
  3. Join the Community. As much as pro gaming is about individual talent, it's also about the culture surrounding the game. ...
  4. Gear Up. ...
  5. Practice.

How to get free money? ›

Here are the best ways to make free money with little or no effort:
  1. Bursaries, scholarships and grants. ...
  2. Sign-up offers. ...
  3. Money for switching bank or utility supplier. ...
  4. Free money for referring friends. ...
  5. Get a Student Loan refund. ...
  6. Check if you're owed a tax rebate. ...
  7. Earn interest with savings and current accounts.
Dec 12, 2022

How does TikTok pay? ›

TikTok does not directly pay creators to produce and upload videos. TikTok does offer funding for creators in the form of the TikTok Creator Fund (more on that above). Still, payment varies based on factors like the number of video views, engagement rates, and the authenticity of users engaging with the post.

How can I make $100 day? ›

  1. Provide Proofreading Services.
  2. Combine a Few Small Side Hustles.
  3. Become a Virtual Assistant.
  4. Write and Publish an eBook.
  5. Make $100 a Day By Renting Out Your Car.
  6. Share Your Home with Airbnb Guests.
  7. Become a Freelance Writer.
  8. Buy and Sell Domain Names.
Jan 20, 2023

Do people buy NFT with real money? ›

Some marketplaces accept payment in fiat currencies such as U.S. dollars, but in other cases, you can't use cash or credit cards to pay directly for an NFT. Prices are often set in the cryptocurrency used by the network on which the NFTs are registered.

Does NFT give real money? ›

NFTs can be traded and exchanged for money, cryptocurrencies, or other NFTs—it all depends on the value the market and owners have placed on them. For instance, you could use an exchange to create a token for an image of a banana. Some people might pay millions for the NFT, while others might think it worthless.

Can you lose money in NFT games? ›

In particular, an NFT value will depend on how many other users appreciate it, very much like a piece of art. Its value could vary significantly with time. Financial speculation could also play a role in this type of game. As with any economic transaction, users can both win and lose money.

How much is an NFT coin worth? ›

1 NFT = 0.01623 USD.

What does NFT mean in Roblox? ›

NFT stands for “non-fungible token,” and it can technically contain anything digital, including drawings, animated GIFs, songs, or items in video games. Non-fungible means it is individual.

What does NFT stand for in Tiktok? ›

by Geri Mileva. Last Updated: May 18th, 2022. 11 min read. Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and social media go hand in hand. NFT creators utilize social media to promote their work.

Which play-to-earn games pay the most? ›

The 15 Best Play to Earn Games Ranked
  • Splinterlands (BAT) - Leading Gaming Platform with Exclusive NFT Mint.
  • Illuvium (ILV) - High-Selling Digital Land Gaming Platform.
  • Alien Worlds (TLM) - Popular Play to Earn and Game Staking Platform.
  • Forest Knight (KNIGHT) - Blockchain Game Combining Mobile Gaming.
Jan 9, 2023

How do I get a free Bitcoin? ›

Methods to Earn Free Bitcoins
  1. #1) Pionex – Use Bitcoin Growth Trading Bot to Earn Bitcoin.
  2. #2) Bitstamp – Using Staking Rewards.
  3. #3) Freecash.com – Fastest Way to Get Free Cryptos.
  4. #4) Tipping Bots And Platforms.
  5. #5) Playing Online and Offline Games.
  6. #6) Mining Browsers And Free Mining Software.
Dec 23, 2022

Is free crypto real? ›

Scammers promise free money.

They'll promise free cash or cryptocurrency, but free money promises are always fake.

What is the $100 game? ›

In this method of prioritization, participants assign relative value to a list of items by spending an imaginary $100 together. By using the concept of cash, the exercise captures more attention and keeps participants more engaged than an arbitrary point or ranking system.

Why do games pay you to play? ›

The money comes from the game developers, who pay the app to gather your attention and information. Users may spend money on in-app purchases while playing the game. They may also share the game on social media in exchange for in-game rewards.

Who is the best earning app? ›

Best Money Earning Apps
  1. Meesho. Meesho has been one of the fastest-growing e-commerce platforms recently. ...
  2. Google Opinion. Google Opinion is another best money-earning apps that can help you make cash or credit out of answering queries. ...
  3. Sheroes. ...
  4. U Speak We Pay. ...
  5. Swagbucks. ...
  6. TaskBucks. ...
  7. Pocket Money.

How to make money without a job? ›

11 ways to make money without a real job
  1. Get paid to test websites.
  2. Become a crowdworker.
  3. Design and sell t-shirts.
  4. Work as a transcriber.
  5. Shop for others.
  6. Sell crafts online.
  7. Get paid to pet sit.
  8. Sell your photos online.
Feb 8, 2022

How can I make 1000 a day? ›

Making a course for various skills, including dance, drawing, cooking, etc., and selling it on platforms like Udemy, Unacademy, Skillshare, Teachable, etc., can help you earn money daily. To put it simply, the more popular your course is, the more money you make.

Is it OK to be a gamer? ›

While there can be some benefits to playing video games, both on behavior and brain health, it's not a risk-free hobby. Playing games for an extended period of time on a regular basis isn't good for your physical health and can possibly hinder your social skills.

Is being a gamer a job? ›

A professional gamer plays video games full time and competes in tournaments in order to win prizes. Pro gamers are also paid by sponsors or advertisers when they play, and sometimes they're part of a team of players where they earn money as well.

How do people earn from NFT games? ›

As a first option, gamers can sell their in-game NFT assets to other players via a game's marketplace. The other way is to sell gaming NFTs on a trustworthy platform for a cryptocurrency exchange like Binance. There, a player can conduct an auction or set the price for an instant sale.

What is a NFT for gaming? ›

What is NFT gaming? Non-Fungible Tokens, or NFTs, are certificates of ownership of a digital good made in limited numbers. For games this can be in-game items, collectibles, and avatars.

Is there money in NFT gaming? ›

Making money in NFTs is simple as the gameplay and UI of these games is very easy to comprehend. There are even some NFT games that you have to just run on your desktop, and the game will keep in-game mining currency or NFTs by itself. An example of this game is crypto mines.

What does NFT stand for in art? ›

NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token. NFT art is a collectible digital asset that can be tradeable in the digital world. For obvious reasons, traditional works of art such as paintings are valuable because they truly are one of a kind – painted by hand, with a special technique, often with special paint.

Can you make money play-to-earn? ›

The concept behind play-to-earn games is simple: players collect cryptocurrencies or NFTs produced in the blockchain-based game. Next, players generate income by selling in-game NFTs or earning cryptocurrency rewards, both of which can be exchanged for fiat cash.

What is blockchain gaming? ›

Video games that include elements that use blockchain technologies, including cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens (NFTs), allow players to buy, sell, or trade in-game items with other players. The game publisher takes a fee from each transaction as a form of monetization.

Is the NFT market dead? ›

In January 2022, $17 billion worth of NFTs changed hands, but by November that figure had fallen to $400 million, a collapse of 97 percent.

What does it mean to flip an NFT? ›

NFT flipping involves investors purchasing or minting NFTs and selling them on the secondary market, hopefully at a profit.

Is an NFT gambling? ›

What does NFT mean in gambling? An NFT is a non-fungible token. While many people are familiar with NFTs as works of art, they can also be used for gambling. Casino games can issue NFTs as prizes or players can bet with NFTs instead of cash.

How much do NFT games pay? ›

Each game varies in how much you can earn by staking. Overall, you could earn around 10% to 20% of your staked tokens per year, depending on the game and token's value.

What is an NFT in Minecraft? ›

Created in late 2021, Critterz incorporates nonfungible tokens (NFTs) and cryptocurrency into the Minecraft universe, bringing a “play to earn” model to the best-selling video game of all time.

Can U Get Rich of NFT? ›

In fact, most NFTs are nothing more than speculations at this point. If you apply the same discipline and investment principles that you use when buying stocks, however, you may be able to generate long-term wealth in the NFT space.

Does NFT become real money? ›

NFT Royalties

By NFT royalties, you can earn money whenever your NFT changes hands on the secondary market, meaning you will continuously get income even after selling your creations to collectors.


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