7 Discontinued Perfumes I Wish They'd Bring Back ... (2023)


By Heather

7 Discontinued Perfumes I Wish They'd Bring Back ... (2)

It's really sad one of your favorite perfumes becomes one of the many discontinued perfumes out there, right? I love each and every perfume on this list and I wish that they'd bring them all back! The best thing though? These discontinued perfumes can be found online, they are just usually really expensive and you really have to make sure that they are the actual perfume. So, with that said, are you ready to explore my top discontinued perfumes list?

1 Ralph Hot by Ralph Lauren

7 Discontinued Perfumes I Wish They'd Bring Back ... (3) The very first of 7 discontinued perfumes on my list is Ralph Lauren's Ralph Hot. I love this perfume! It was born in 2006 and it's a scent packed with fresh milk, jasmine, sandalwood, mocha cream, fig, orchid and even some almond blossom and some maple! It's truly a unique scent that most people wouldn't think about when they think about Ralph Lauren!

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2 Deseo by Jennifer Lopez

7 Discontinued Perfumes I Wish They'd Bring Back ... (4) While I don't typically like J-Lo fragrances, this one struck me – and of course it's discontinued! This is a scent that is packed with orange blossom, amber, oak, jasmine and even some mimosa! It's a beautiful scent that is perfect for the day time and ideal for running errands or even meeting people!

3 Tendre Poison by Dior

7 Discontinued Perfumes I Wish They'd Bring Back ... (5) This is a scent that is absolutely amazing – and one that came out in 1994! It's a smell that has charm, is full of passion and is a little poisonous too! It's got some sandalwood, vanilla, galbanum and tangerine as well as some orange and freesia inside of it. It's a fresh scent and if you can find it, get it!

4 Allure Sensuelle by Chanel

7 Discontinued Perfumes I Wish They'd Bring Back ... (6) Oh, this scent. It's a fickle, flirty little scent that is packed with fruity, floral, woody and citrus notes, all in one perfume! It's got a little mystery behind it and yet is a little playful too! It's packed with bergamot, pink pepper, mandarin, jasmine, rose, iris and even some vanilla, patchouli and frankincense! It's such a unique smell, you'll love it if you are able to find it!

5 Wild Honeysuckle by Bath & Body Works

7 Discontinued Perfumes I Wish They'd Bring Back ... (7) Now, I typically am not a fan of Bath & Body Works perfumes, but this one struck me! It was one that I absolutely fell for the second that I smelled it. It's packed with water fruit, lemon, melon, honeydew and honeysuckle, as well as some fruity notes and some additional floral notes!

6 In Control Curious by Britney Spears

7 Discontinued Perfumes I Wish They'd Bring Back ... (8) This perfume is not necessarily discontinued as it was limited edition, but I still loved it! It's a sweet, sexy and romantic little scent that lasts all day! It's got black vanilla bean, crème brulee, midnight orchid, tonka crystals and even some loquat fruit! It's an amazing smell that every Britney fan should smell!

7 So Pretty by Cartier

7 Discontinued Perfumes I Wish They'd Bring Back ... (9) Finally, the last scent that we're going to talk about is so, so pretty – which is the name too! It's a scent that is seriously unique, totally off the wall and absolutely amazing! It's got some diamond crystal, iris, rose and even some oak moss, sandalwood and finally some musk in there!

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So, these are just a few of the perfumes that I still mourn to this day! Do you have any more that you absolutely love but can't get anymore? Share 'em below!

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  • Gwen Hot! Best ever…..people would stop me to comment…..especially men. I want it back!
  • Christina Safari by ralph lauren
  • Cielo Why do you have to discontinue this fragrant perfume?
  • Cielo I love Ralph Lauren Hot . Bring it back please
  • Stephanie Privledge was a beautiful perfume.
  • Janelle I wonder what water fruit is
  • Mick my all time fav: New West by Aramis,
  • Squidge Lancôme magnifique
  • Cierra Go to fragrancenet or your local Marshalls, Ross or TJ Maxx.. I love Ralph Lauren Hot
  • Jamie I still have my bottle of Ralph Hot...love that stuff!
  • Jenna Black for women by Kenneth Cole
  • DiamondKisses843 Longing by Coty.....
  • Marlo I totally miss Chloe Innocence. It was my all time favourite and have not found another perfume that comes close
  • Linda There is a seller on EBay called rare perfumes he carry's a lot of discontinue brands .. Good luck hunting have bought from him many times👍
    • Denise @Linda We appreciate the recommendation!
  • Rachel I miss some bath and body work products that don\'t show anymore
  • Jacque I totally miss Victorias Secret Ooh LaLa
  • Cassieculbreth I still have all the bottles to my Brittany Spears perfumes, they are just to cute to throw away, but they make cute decorations too :)
  • Elin I usually love the summer scents by Escada.. To bad you never get them ever again.. But the one perfume i love the most that is gone is Feminite du bois by Shiseido. A wonderful scent..forever gone 😭
  • Sandra Jivago 24 karats was amazing
  • Lynette Lauren style by Ralph Lauren....I miss the scent...I still have the last few drops saved... 😓
  • Alexandria Emythist by Bvalgari
  • Jeanette In Control is so so good!!!.. Other for my?? New West by Aramis.. the smell is so sweet, I miss them :(
  • Tina Bath and Bodyworks Plumeria! Just yummy
  • Tina I miss LAMB by Gwen
    • Jeanette @Tina, I try this one time and I loved! I buy the set for 25 dollars at Marshall's and dont see this fragance again! :(
  • maddie Loved the Ralph Lauren until they had to discontinue it
  • kucingsayang Eau de Eden by Chacarel
  • Mel I really miss Manifesto by Rosellini
  • Sarah Happy spirit by Chopard. My absolutely favourite perfume.. :(
  • dawn Thank god I can still get my romance by RL. Also Christina Aguilera has a couple of good ones currently!
  • Stephanie Very Hollywood by Michael kors
  • Kelly Riviera Sun from Victoria's Secret :(
    • Jeanette @Kelly, I like this too!!! I buy this in the 2009 summer and never see them anytime!
  • Emilie I have seen J-Lo's perfume in a real shop, unfortunately it was in Spain (the desco)
  • superjollie Le Feu by Issey Myake was gorgeous!
  • corina I really miss Absolutely Irresistible by Givenchy!
  • Badli What about Clinique's 'Wrappings', Guy Laroche's 'Fidji' and 'Clandestine'? 😭
  • frizah Escada Ibiza!!
    • Jeanette @frizah, Nice.. is a great fragance!
  • Ali Can Can by Paris Hilton. SO good.
  • irene Vixen by Victorias
  • Jensensational71 Chantecaille Darby Rose!
  • Kate I miss Ralph Lauren hot !!!!
  • Joelle Armani Sensi
  • Lex Versace yellow jeans!!!!!
  • Brianna Black amethyst by bath and body works!
  • Jessica Heather, Have you tried a perfume outlet store? I have found that they carry discontinued fragrances.
    • Heather Oh! Great idea! :)



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Do discontinued perfumes ever come back? ›

That's right; sometimes, they come back. If you're longing for the return of a scent, let us know here, and we'll do our best to convince brands to #BringItBack, or if we can't, we'll find you an alternative! Here are four we're happy to see and smell again…

Why are discontinued perfumes still available? ›

Sometimes, when a formula is too old, brands may take the easier route and let the fragrance go rather than have to update the formula. Other times, fragrances disappear off shelves when there is a change of business ownership.

What is the oldest perfume still being made? ›

Acqua di Colonia Santa Maria Novella

The oldest of their perfumes still in production is their Acqua di Colognia which was first bottled in 1533 by the Dominican friars that ran the apothecary. This perfume was created for Catherine de' Medici and the main notes are rose and citrus.

Is perfume still good after 20 years? ›

Most fragrance manufacturers recommend throwing away your bottle after anywhere from one to three years, but fragrance doesn't behave in the same way as food, so it can be okay to keep it for longer, most fragrance experts recommend around three to five years.

How can I buy old perfumes? ›


Each town has them, and it is not rare to find a cheap gem from someone that is selling the stuff they don't need anymore or don't know what they have. This is probably the safest way to buy vintage fragrances since you can test and see the bottle in real person.

What is the rarest perfume? ›

A scent with few natural analogues, orris is exceedingly rare; the fact that people continue to seek out this fragrance despite its high cost speaks to its enduring appeal.

Why do cheap perfumes not last? ›

Most cheap perfumes can replicate a pricier version's top notes (the scent that lasts about a half hour after spraying), but without the proper essential oils to add mid-notes and base-notes, it won't be able to wear as long.

Is Elizabeth Arden Always Red discontinued? ›

Velvet, Red Door and Always Red are discontinued, except for the 15ml Always Red still available. Over time, certain items need to be discontinued in order to make way for new innovation, such as the new Red Door Revealed.

Can you get a perfume replicated? ›

A resulting scent cannot be exactly duplicated, and reputable perfume companies make sure that their loyal customers understand that in the case of scent duplication, they are not buying the original fragrance but rather one that is nearly identical to the original, and satisfying the client and their customer base.

How do you find out if a perfume has been discontinued? ›

Rule no. 3: if you want to know if a fragrance is discontinued, ask the brand, but don't assume that the right hand knows what the left hand is doing. The only way to find out for sure if a fragrance has been discontinued is to ask the brand directly, either by email, snail mail or telephone.

What is the oldest Bath and Body Works scent? ›

The oldest scent is Sweet Pea.

It launched in 2000 and has been a shopper favorite since then.

What is the most popular Bath and Body Works scent of all time? ›

Bath & Body Works Japanese Cherry Blossom

According to Bath & Body Works' PR team, this scent continues to be a best-selling fragrance year-round. That's all the reasoning we need to stock up on the body lotion and body wash … and body spray, candle, and hand soap …

What is that perfume I smell everywhere? ›

The independent perfumery Le Labo proposed an antidote to the obsession with hype in 2011 when the fragrance industry saw a rise in celebrity scents and relied on the allure of glossy marketing.

What is the best smelling perfume of all time? ›

Here, the 10 greatest fragrances of all time, as voted on by the beauty industry.
  • Chanel No. Launched: 1921. ...
  • Le Labo Santal 33. Launched: 2011. ...
  • Thierry Mugler Angel. Launched: 1992. ...
  • Chanel Coco Mademoiselle. Launched: 2001. ...
  • Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue. ...
  • Dior Eau Sauvage. ...
  • Tom Ford Black Orchid. ...
  • Giorgio Armani Acqua di Giò
Feb 25, 2022

What is considered old lady perfume? ›

But what exactly is an Old Lady Perfume? The term is generally applied to perfumes launched between the 1920s to the 1980s. And though the fragrances that fall under the Old Lady Perfume umbrella aren't a monolith, there are some common threads. The best known Old Lady Perfume is probably the classic Chanel No.

What was the most popular perfume in the 50s? ›

Welcome to the '50s

Although launched in 1948, Nina Ricci L'Air du Temps became one of the defining fragrances of the 1950s.

What happens unopened perfume? ›

An unopened bottle of perfume is likely to remain fresher for longer, as it hasn't been oxidised. However, eventually, even an unopened perfume bottle will expire. To prolong its life, you need to keep the bottle in the right environment — we'll look more into this below.

Can you buy old perfumes? ›


Each town has them, and it is not rare to find a cheap gem from someone that is selling the stuff they don't need anymore or don't know what they have. This is probably the safest way to buy vintage fragrances since you can test and see the bottle in real person.

Who makes missing perfume? ›

If so, you might want to give the Missing Person fragrance by Phlur a try. Created by perfumer Constance Georges-Picot, this delicate bottle is said to "evoke the lingering scent of your lover's skin," or as TikTok argues, the scent of anyone you love.


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